Wednesday 19 September 2018

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New Products

HP Agilent 11567A 20.21 CM Air Line APC-7
Siemans 3SE32000XX03 limit Switch Side Operated
PC 104 PC104 Section Controller ASSY D267333-33 NSN 702505007118
6133460-1 x  Call for Price
KQ2L13-35S SMC One Touch 1/2 Inch 1/8 NPT Pneumatic
IXFX180N10 180 Amp 100 Volt Power MOSFET HIPERFET
New Textronix P2220 Scope Probe
CH Cuttler Hammer AN3227-7 8888KS 4PDT Center Off Momentary Toggle Switch
B-Line Cooper B308 ZN Beam Clamp with Set Screw New B308-ZN B308ZN
J. Riddle (M.D.C) 51042-002 Directional Coupler
Corning SC-SC MM 50/125 10 Meter Fiber Optic Plenum Cable New
HP Agilent 85102 Service Adapter Free Shipping and Handling
54LS244DMQB National Semiconductor Mil-spec
Texas Instruments TIL302 TIL-302 TIL 302 Red LED Display TI NOS
HP Agilent 0410-0586 T-9D 99.9985 Khz Standard Crystal
TACO Honeywell 1/2 Inch Radiator Valve Body 5221
6521B-211-PM-501DA Mac Valve 4/2 Double 6500 series
5353A HP Channel Electronic Counter