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Sunday 05 July 2020

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New Products

Magma EEX1 PCIE (x1) Host Card for EXPRESSBOX 1
Banner EZBeam Series Polarized Retro Sensor S18SP6LPQ 63166
EP910LC-35 4F189443 Altera
CY74FCT632QWC Cypress  $29.95Call for Price
Phoenix Contact Interbus IL 24BK-T/U 2742094 IBS Module
240A015-3NSN B7481 NB3 26060A-140HC6SA2 Tri-Quint Semiconductor
1 Count Original Intel D8748
Condor GPC40A Power Supply
NIPPON Used Capacitor 6800uF 350 Volt Large Can
Teledine T-5S73A-1A SMA Microwave Isolator
NARDA 25017 SMA Directional Coupler
Vernitech Encoder with Reduction Gear 11-120-AQ-PU5-1L2-1878 SM-D-2014328
Vernitech Encoder with Reduction Gear 11-120-AQ-PU5-1L2-1878 SM-D-2014328
New Guardian A410-066717-65 Relay
HP Hewlett Packard 08971-60102 3 DB Attenuator DC-26.5 Ghz 3.5 MM
1 Count Original Intel D8748H USA Seller
Hp Agilent 1884-0040 Thyristor GE C60FX320
HEINEMANN HMI-Z01-218 M39019/01-218 Aircraft Circuit Breraker
HP Agilent 08505-60231 Frequency Control Cable
Mac Valves PR65C-25HA Pressure Regulator Valve
New Original Intel MD8282/B
Keysight Agilent HP Krytar 0955-0101 SMA -16DB Directional Coupler
Haworth In Line Flexible Power Connector PBFX J Series -
HP Agilent 5082-7347 LED Display with Logic Free Shipping
Tensolite MP572-0336-0001 Balanced Twinax 24493/02033X-2(LD) Cable
Westinghouse 2N1016A Power Transistor New Old Stock