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Sunday 05 July 2020

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New Products

50 Count Amp Tyco 323944 Butt Splices PDIG Yellow
Phoenix Contact 2761266 PSM-EG-RS232/ RS422-P/4K
Narda 4203-10 Directional Coupler 2 - 18 Ghz 10 DB SMA
FLUKE Calibration 4322 Pressure Transducer Module
RF VII PT-VII-CE Universal Tuner Controller for Parts or Repair
INFRAMETRICS 6" Close Up Lens for 760 IR Camera
HP Agilent 08510-60105 BNC-IF Interconnect
PCL-745B Isolated RS-422 485 ISA Card Rev A2
National Instruments 185095C-02 Sheilded Server Cable
Rorze RD-026MSA 2P Micro Step Driver V4A8580
5 Pack Cooper Bussmann AGU-40 40 Amp 40A 32V Fast Acting Fuse AGU40 AGU 40
New HP Agilent Keysight 8710-1764 Torque Wrench
Ultra Volt 0 - 500 Volt Power Supply 1/2C24-P125 Capacitor Charging High Voltage
D902508 / A3953SB x  Call for Price
TL500CJ4 Texas Instrument  Call for Price
USHIO Super High Pressure UV Lamp USH-2500
HP Agilent 5086-7261 0-2.5 Ghz Limiter Tested Good
Amphenol N (Male) to SMA (Male) Adapter Coaxial 901-292
Amplifier Research 10W1000M7
Telemecanique XUB9APANM12 Photoelectric Sensor New
OPHIR 1Z01200 Smarthead USB Adapter
Square D Telemecanique LH4112RT7 Soft Start
Narda 25014 HP Agilent 16 DB Directional Coupler 1.7 - 4.3 GHz
SK76869 Lemo  Call for Price
Narda 25083 HP Agilent 0955-0101 16 DB Wide Band Coupler 2 - 18 GH
ACCESS I/O LT3-AT Control Card 16 Bit AT Bus
Westinghouse NL-751A (ET) 26190701 D/A Converter
Dodge Rockwell FB-DL-012 Size 3/4 128796
VICOR VI-J41-CW-B1 55-100 12V Out DC DC Converter
Agilent 83440C Lightwave Detector for Parts or Repair
HP Agilent 83440B Lightwave Detector 3.5mm Option H10
Square D Current Transformer 200:5 66R-201