Thursday 22 June 2017

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New Products

HP Agilent Hewlett Packard Equipment Handles 3U 3U Dark Brown with Inserts and Hardware
10 Count HP Agilent 5090-4356 Mini-Grabbers Test Grippers New
HP Hewlett Packard Agilent Equipment Feet Set of 4
New Motorola MC68340RP25C
Pack of 50 WAGO 280-833 4 Position Terminal Block 4044918311328
Crydom D4D07 Solid State Relay 400V AC DC 7 Amp
HP Agilent X281A WR-90 to N(F) Adapter 8.2-12.4 Ghz
ABB Motor Overload T6DU2.0 1.35 to 2.0 amp NIB T6 DU 2, 0
50 Count Amp Tyco 323944 Butt Splices PDIG Yellow
KRYTAR 1850 16 DB Directional Coupler SMA .5 to 18.5 GHZ
1 Count Original Intel D8748
HP Agilent Hewlett Packard Equipment Handles with Inserts 3U 3U Dark Brown
HP Agilent Hewlett Packard Corner Feet Set of 4 With Sae & Metric Hardware
5 Count Grounding Block Phoenix Contact USLKG10N USLKG1ON Terminal
MACOM 2090-6214-00 Power Divider .5 - 18 Ghz M/A-Com (Omni) Good Used Power Divider
5 pieces DM74150N SN74150N 74150N Original NSI Vintage
Condor GPC40A Power Supply
2N3563 HF Amp OSC 4 Pack NOS
HP Agilent 5959-9333 5 Pack Logic Analyzer Probe
JMK KK-1151-30 Power Line Filter 30 Amp 115/250 VAC
10 Count HP Agilent 1400-1422 Mini-Grabbers Mini Grabbers
Agilent N1912-61021 Specialty Cable
Gigatronics 16936A Power Detector for Parts or Repair
Gigatronics 16936A Power Detector for Parts or Repair
100 Motorola Transistor MPS6514 TO-92 MPS6514 MPS 6514
Amp Tyco 100 ct Red #6 Ring Terminal PDIG 8-36149 -1 36149 NEW
NIPPON Used Capacitor 6800uF 350 Volt Large Can
Tektronix 11A34 Four Channel AMP for Parts or Repair
Square D Telemecanique LH4112RT7 Soft Start
NARDA SEM020-24 DC-18 GHZ SPDT Coaxial Switch SMA (M)
ABB SACE Circuit Breaker S4 N 250 Amp 600 VAC 3 Pole
NARDA 3044B-30 Directional Coupler 3.7 - 8.3 GHZ 30 DB
HP 85025B Detector For Parts or Repair
Trumpeter Triax Adapter ADBJ20-E4-PL75
Amphenol N (Male) to SMA (Male) Adapter Coaxial 901-292
Teledine T-5S73A-1A SMA Microwave Isolator
NARDA 25017 SMA Directional Coupler
CIO-DAS16JR/16 CI0-DAS16JR/16 16 Input Analog Board 8 Bit ISA
Vernitech Encoder with Reduction Gear 11-120-AQ-PU5-1L2-1878 SM-D-2014328