Sunday 25 February 2018

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New Products

2N3563 HF Amp OSC 4 Pack NOS
Amp Tyco 100 ct Red #6 Ring Terminal PDIG 8-36149 -1 36149 NEW
HP Hewlett Packard Agilent Equipment Feet Set of 4
Micro-Coax UTIFLEX UFA210B-0180-300300 26.5 Ghz Microwave Cable 18 Inches
Anderson SB50 Battery Disconnect Cable 6 AWG Wire 20 Inch Charger
Maury Microwave 3034B 3.5mm Sliding Terminator
Micro-Coax UTIFLEX UFA210A-0-0840-30x30 26.5 Ghz Microwave Cable (a) 84 Inches Overall Great Shape Cable Rated 26.5 Ghz
Vintage Gold TI SN5402S 5402S Computer Flat Pack Texas Instruments
HP Agilent Hewlett Packard Equipment Handles 3U 3U Dark Grey with Screws
Micro-Coax UTIFLEX UFA210B-0-0960-300300 26,5 Ghz Microwave Cable (a) 72 Inches (6 feet)
Allen Bradley 1784-PCIDSB Scanner Card Rev 3.016
5 Count Grounding Block Phoenix Contact USLKG10N USLKG1ON Terminal
HP Agilent Hewlett Packard Equipment Handles 5U 5 U Light Grey with Screws
HP Agilent Hewlett Packard Equipment Handles 3U 3U Dark Brown with Screws
HP Agilent 33322-69001 Programmable Step Attenuator
Daka-Ware Chicken Head Long Beak Knobs 2 Inch Set of 2 Free S&H
HP Agilent Hewlett Packard Equipment Handles Brown 6U 6 U with Screws
Micro-Coax UTIFLEX UFA210A-0-0660-30X30 26.5 Ghz Microwave Cable 66 Inches
APC SmartUPS External Battery Disconnect 1400 2200 and More
5 pieces DM74150N SN74150N 74150N Original NSI Vintage
MDA Scientific Lifeline II Gas Monitor 1283-2001 Zellweger
MCM2708L MCM2708 2708 Motorola EProm Gold IC Vintage 1979 1K x 8 Purple Ceramic
LSI MR SAS 9260-16I RAID L3-25243-20D with Cables and Battery
AXIOMTEK SBC 8261 Rev A5 Single Board Computer
Magma EEX1 PCIE (x1) Host Card for EXPRESSBOX 1