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Saturday 28 January 2023

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New Products

New Genuine Dell HP-AF065B83 PA-12 12 Volt AC Power Adapter
New MICROSWITCH 12Cx200 Explosion Proof Switch
Original Analog Devices ADDAC80N-CBI-V 24 Pin D/A Convertor
New Swaglok SS-TH4RF4RF4-128 D1LCE0761B
LABSMITH HVS448 400V High Voltage Sequencer for Parts or Repair
New Swaglok SS-TH4RF4RF4-128 D1LCE0761B
New Swaglok SS-TH4RF4RF4-128 D1LCE0761B
National Instruments 185095C-02 Cable 2 Meter
National Instruments 182849C-01 IM Cable MIO-16 MIO-64
Eaton Cutler-Hammer E22X51A Selector Switch 2 Position E22B2
Mini-Circuits ZFRSC-42 Power Splitter DC to 4.2 Ghz
NARDA 25017 HP 0955-0111 5.9 to 12.4 Ghz 16 DB SMA Directional Coupler
MAC Technology HP 0955-0132 10 DB 4 to 15 Ghz Directional Coupler
Original HP 5082-7304 LED Display
Burroughs Nixie Tube 6844A Mil Spec JAN-CBSC 5960-833-5515
TI Texas Instruments TMS9900JL Early Microprocessor
SHAWMUT 9G60HJD200 Fuse Type EJO-1 EJ0-1 Size DD
1 New Rigol RP3200 1X 10X Scope Probe
Hickok Tube Tester CRT Adapter Cable
SSAC TCT 2D4K11 Time Delay Relay Solid State
JCA Technology Microsemi JCA 212-603 RF Amp 2-12 Ghz 2 DB 15 VDC SMA
HP Agilent 81623B Optical Head For Parts or Repair
HP Agilent 5086-7678 Untested
HP Agilent 5086-7678 Untested
HP Agilent 5086-7678 Untested
10 Pack 1.5 Amp 200V Diode Bridge MCC W02M-BP WO2M-BP
First Year Production Mostek MK5010 MK 5010P MK5010P
Cutler Hammer Type L Limit Switch On Time Delay 10316 HI600A 10316HI600A
HP Agilent 35689-61612 Cable for 35689A Frequency Analyzer
2N3563 HF Amp OSC 4 Pack NOS
5 Count Grounding Block Phoenix Contact USLKG10N USLKG1ON Terminal
#8 x 1 1/4 Stainless TEK Screws Self Drilling 6000 PC
ThorLabs BSW06 Plate Beamsplitter Thor Labs Newport
12 Count HP Agilent Double Gold Hook Mini Grabbers 10230-62101 SMC IC Clips
ZIATECH ZT-8902 SBC Single Board Computer with RAM & CPU 486 ZT8902
Agilent E5346A High Density Probe Adapter
Agilent 10460A TTL Data Pod ( HP )
Agilent 10461A TTL Data Pod ( HP )
PATLITE LCE-FB RYGB Beacon Signal Light Tower
New Original Intel MD8282/B
PATLITE SKS-M1J-R Red Rotating Beacon 12 24 VDC LED
Compaq 8 Bit ISA CGA Video Board VDU 000031-002 000032-000 000033-001
SMC VV5QC11-04-DAK00423 Pneumatic Manifold
100 Count #6 Blue Amp Tyco 696423-2 Ring Terminal Stripe Mil Spec 14 -16 Wire
CRYDOM D06080 DC Solid State Relay Upgrade for D06D60
Corvalent FI-Q17MX-012 Q17MX Industrial Motherboard W I5-6500 16 Gig RAM
2 Wire 24 Volt Brushless Inverter Fan E1225H24B Mechatronics
New Midwest Microwave 4DB 18 Ghz 2 Watt Attenuator ATT-0275-04-SMA-02 USA Made