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Wednesday 19 December 2018

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New Products

Tektronix 119-6075-00 Coaxial Bias Tee Picosecond 5575A
Picosecond 5575A Coaxial Bias Tee Tektronix 119-607-00
HP Agilent Hewlett Packard Corner Feet Set of 4 With Sae & Metric Hardware
2 Count HUGE 37x61 Mil Spec Faraday Bag s EMP ESD Foil BOB
17 Foot RG-393 RG393 Thermax M17/127-RG393 RG5-393
18 Foot RG-393 RG393 Thermax M17/127-RG393 RG5-393
10 Count HP Agilent SMT 5090-4356 Mini-Grabbers Test Grippers New
APC SmartUPS External Battery Disconnect 1400 2200 and More
Picosecond Pulse Labs PPL 5509-224 50 GHZ DC Block Tested
Picosecond Pulse Labs PPL 5509-222-224 50 GHZ DC Block Tested
9 Foot RG393 with N(M) Connectors Pasternack New PE3607-108
Amp Tyco 100 ct Red #6 Ring Terminal PDIG 8-36149 -1 36149 NEW
18 Inch BNC to SMA (M) Utiflex Micro-Coax Cable
HP Agilent 5086-7248 Limiter SMA 0-1.8 Ghz
NE5553V 5553V NOS
Gold Posts General Radio Decade Resistor 1432-J
Original New Bird 4240-062 N(F) Q Connector
Daka-Ware Chicken Head Long Beak Knobs 2 Inch Set of 2 Free S&H
LEMO EGG.2B Chassis Mount Connector EGG.2B.304.CLL
Agilent 54620-68701 Logic Pods 54620-61801 Grabbers 5090-4833 Ground 5959-9334
Rorze RD-026MSA 2P Micro Step Driver V4A3492
NARDA 703B-60 Step Attenuator for Parts or Repair
2N3563 HF Amp OSC 4 Pack NOS
New Square D SPX8D0V2 Seriplex I/O module 77852
Brady SL-12 SL12 Wire Markers 25 Pc Mil Spec
5 Pack Cooper Bussmann AGU-40 40 Amp 40A 32V Fast Acting Fuse AGU40 AGU 40
1.5 Inch Aluminum Seamless Pipe Tube Tubing 5 Foot x
100 Motorola Transistor MPS6514 TO-92 MPS6514 MPS 6514
New Motorola MC68340RP25C
Ultra Volt 0 - 500 Volt Power Supply 1/2C24-P125 Capacitor Charging High Voltage
Micro-Coax UTIFLEX UFA210B-0-0960-300300 26,5 Ghz Microwave Cable (a) 72 Inches (6 feet)
National Instruments NI 186557A-Q2 PCMCIA GPIB Cable
Micro-Coax UTIFLEX UFA210B-0-0240-300300 26.5 Ghz Microwave Cable 24 Inches
Eaton Cutler-Hammer D65VMLP480-B2 Monitor Relay
Tested HP Agilent 5088-7049 DC-26 Ghz Limiter
GE GF30H1 60 Amp Fuse CLF (a)