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Monday 28 September 2020

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New Products

3 Pieces Southco E3-56-25 Vice Action Latch E3 56 25
1.5 Inch Aluminum Seamless Pipe Tube Tubing 4 Foot 10 inches
12 Pack HP Hewlett Packard Agilent SMT Mini Grabbers Test Grippers 5959-0288
HP Agilent Hewlett Packard Corner Feet Set of 4 With Sae & Metric Hardware
50 Count Amp Tyco 323944 Butt Splices PDIG Yellow
80 Foot 22 AWG 2 Conductor Mil Spec Teflon Silver Plated Wire M27500-22RC2U09
#8 x 1 1/4 Stainless TEK Screws Self Drilling 6000 PC
LEMO EGG.2B Chassis Mount Connector EGG.2B.304.CLL
V314012 LittleFuse Little Fuse 314 series 12 Amp 10 Pack
1" Diverter Valve with Stainless Handle Apollo Conbraco 70-605-27
BECK X15-28 X15/28 Reflecting Microscope Objective
NEW Agilent N2865A USB Host Module
HP Agilent Krytar 0955-0125 2616 160B Directional Coupler 1.1-26.5 Ghz
Delta TAU 16-AXIS Macro CPU 3xQ-603719 Gold
MEI PC-104/DSP Programable Motion Controller
Micro/Sys SBC 1486 PC104 Computer with DiskOnChip
Agilent 88.1H Rack Mount Kit Ears with Mounting Hardware 5063-9212
HP Agilent Hewlett Packard Equipment Handles 3U 3U Dark Brown with Inserts (a2)
100 Motorola Transistor MPS6514 TO-92 MPS6514 MPS 6514
OPTO 22 PCI-AC51 Data Acquisition Card
Agilent Keysight 1CP105A Rackmount Handle and Flange Kit 177.0 mm H 4U
GRAYMARK Microprocessor Trainer Model 809 In Original Box
Agilent E9301H E-Series Power Sensor for Parts or Repair
Tektronix 119-6075-00 Coaxial Bias Tee Picosecond 5575A
1 Count Original Intel D8748H USA Seller
Brady SL-12 SL12 Wire Markers 25 Pc Mil Spec
KUBOTA T2738 Snow Blower for T1760
Tektronix AM503B TM502A A6302
10 Pack 1.5 Amp 200V Diode Bridge MCC W02M-BP WO2M-BP
HP Agilent E4418B Power Meter with Sensor and Cable HP84881A
Tektronix AM503B TM502A A6302
Trompeter TEI14949 Triax Twinax Chassis Mount Connector Triaxial
New Banner D11EN6FP Sensor 47271
New Banner Q236EQ 46446
Banner SM2A30PRLQD Ser B
DIGIFLOW 8000T-G (Gallon) Water Flow Meter Filter Count Down
Banner LS10EQDH Light Screen Receiver 27648
Banner LS10EQDH Light Screen Emitter
Allen Bradley 1783-US05T 1783-USO5T 5 Port Switch
Allen Bradley 1783-US05T 1783-USO5T 5 Port Switch
JMK KK-1151-30 Power Line Filter 30 Amp 115/250 VAC