Thursday 22 June 2017

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New Products

Vintage Gold TI SN5402S 5402S Computer Flat Pack Texas Instruments
HP Agilent Hewlett Packard Equipment Handles 3U 3U Dark Brown with Inserts and Hardware
10 Count HP Agilent 5090-4356 Mini-Grabbers Test Grippers New
HP Hewlett Packard Agilent Equipment Feet Set of 4
New Motorola MC68340RP25C
Pack of 50 WAGO 280-833 4 Position Terminal Block 4044918311328
Crydom D4D07 Solid State Relay 400V AC DC 7 Amp
HP Agilent X281A WR-90 to N(F) Adapter 8.2-12.4 Ghz
ABB Motor Overload T6DU2.0 1.35 to 2.0 amp NIB T6 DU 2, 0
50 Count Amp Tyco 323944 Butt Splices PDIG Yellow
KRYTAR 1850 16 DB Directional Coupler SMA .5 to 18.5 GHZ
1 Count Original Intel D8748
HP Agilent Hewlett Packard Equipment Handles with Inserts 3U 3U Dark Brown
HP Agilent Hewlett Packard Corner Feet Set of 4 With Sae & Metric Hardware
5 Count Grounding Block Phoenix Contact USLKG10N USLKG1ON Terminal
MACOM 2090-6214-00 Power Divider .5 - 18 Ghz M/A-Com (Omni) Good Used Power Divider
5 pieces DM74150N SN74150N 74150N Original NSI Vintage
Condor GPC40A Power Supply
2N3563 HF Amp OSC 4 Pack NOS
HP Agilent 5959-9333 5 Pack Logic Analyzer Probe
JMK KK-1151-30 Power Line Filter 30 Amp 115/250 VAC
10 Count HP Agilent 1400-1422 Mini-Grabbers Mini Grabbers
Agilent N1912-61021 Specialty Cable
Gigatronics 16936A Power Detector for Parts or Repair
Gigatronics 16936A Power Detector for Parts or Repair
100 Motorola Transistor MPS6514 TO-92 MPS6514 MPS 6514
Amp Tyco 100 ct Red #6 Ring Terminal PDIG 8-36149 -1 36149 NEW
NIPPON Used Capacitor 6800uF 350 Volt Large Can
Tektronix 11A34 Four Channel AMP for Parts or Repair
Square D Telemecanique LH4112RT7 Soft Start
NARDA SEM020-24 DC-18 GHZ SPDT Coaxial Switch SMA (M)
ABB SACE Circuit Breaker S4 N 250 Amp 600 VAC 3 Pole
NARDA 3044B-30 Directional Coupler 3.7 - 8.3 GHZ 30 DB
HP 85025B Detector For Parts or Repair
Trumpeter Triax Adapter ADBJ20-E4-PL75
Amphenol N (Male) to SMA (Male) Adapter Coaxial 901-292
Teledine T-5S73A-1A SMA Microwave Isolator
NARDA 25017 SMA Directional Coupler