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Saturday 04 July 2020

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2942496 CM125-PS120AC/24DCU/5 Phoenix Contact Power Supply
2N174a Germanium Power Transistor x
2N2905A CRP  Call for Price
2N2905A CRP
2N2905A CRP CGG JX  Call for Price
2N2905A CRP JAN  Call for Price
2N2905A SGS  Call for Price
2N2905A SGS
2N3563 HF Amp OSC 4 Pack NOS
305-PA-3001 317137180 Dranetz Plugin Modual x
3N83 GE Thyristo NOS
460 Count Lattice PALCE 16V8Q-15JC/4
5 Count Grounding Block Phoenix Contact USLKG10N USLKG1ON Terminal
5 Pack Cooper Bussmann AGU-40 40 Amp 40A 32V Fast Acting Fuse AGU40 AGU 40
50 Count Amp Tyco 323944 Butt Splices PDIG Yellow
50 Count Amp Tyco 8-102202-4 Headers HDR 1 X3P
5042M2 AT&T Digital Microwave Corp.
5181A HP Display Tape Storage
53245-1 AMP Tyco Spring Spade Terminal
5353A HP Channel Electronic Counter
54200A HP Digitizing Oscilloscope
54660A HP Display Unit  Call for Price
54660A HP Display Unit
54LS244DMQB National Semiconductor Mil-spec
5X 5x Lens for LP-10 with Magnifier Optivision
6086598-1 Ic Chip Mil Spec  Call for Price
642AS8143 S8603 27014 x  Call for Price