Sunday 22 April 2018

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Prius Battery Cell 2004-2009 2nd Gen Refurbished Certified
Zone: Powerroom (39.95)
20 Units in Stock
Manufactured by: Toyota Prius

After Extensive Testing, We have Determined the Best Method for Reconditioning these Batteries First to Eliminate the Memory Effects, We use a Duratrax Intellipeak ICE Programmable Charger - Discharger. It is Programmed to: 1. Fully Charge the Cell 2. Overcharge Slightly 3. 30 Minute Cool Down 4. Fully Discharge the Cell 5. Repeat this Cycle 10 Times Then we Top Charge the Cell with a Standard Cell Charger. Last we Top Certify the Actual Amp Hour Output of Each Module, Using a West Mountain Radio CBA Battery Analyzer The Whole Procedure take almost 48 Hours Per Module, But it Yields the Best, Reconditioned, Module Possible (The Weakest Link in any Battery Pack is the Worst Module, Not the Best Module.) Note: All Testing & Charging Must be done with the Cell in the Battery, Or in a Clamp Fixture. 45 Day Right of Return Sorry, No International Sales on this item. Location: PowerRoom Actual weight: 2.5 lb pix p9372 a,b,d Listed 02/18 (s)

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