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Sunday 19 May 2024

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Welcome to Al-Tech Electronics Online Technology Museum. The museum allows us to diplay some rare and unique items acquired over more than 30 years. Some pieces are just interesting.  Others have helped to revolutionize modern technology.  Most will help reveal just how far, and fast, the age of expanding technology has come.

         Al-Tech Electronics, owners and staff, have dedicated ourselves to learning as much about the history of technology as possible, and to share this information with our visitors. 

We do not proclaim to be experts in all the areas technology presented.  Every effort has been made to research and authentic the information presented, but If there are errors, please e-mail us.  It would be a pleasure to hear from you.  Afterall, we are not bonefide historians. Our staff is better defined as curious, technology buffs, striving to gain knowledge about the what, who, why, and when of our technological age. 

We are eager to discover more, so please feel free to submit your photos, stories, and pieces of trivia. Lets all rediscover history together. E-mail us at museum@73volts.com.
        New exhibits are being processed, and will be added over the next several weeks. Watch for the changes. You will be pleasantly surprised.

         Thank you for visiting The AL Tech Electronics Online Technology Museum. We welcome your comments.  Please visit often.

150 GHZ Standing Wave Detector Hitachi Vintage T1814

Most Unusual Piece
We were told the waveguides work at 150 GHZ
The guides are about 1/16 " across
It Says Model T1814
Stands About 9 Inches Tall

Big Vintage I C Chip

Large unusual Vintage CPU Chip
Removed from IBM mainframe
Date Code early 1970's
Maybe made by Intel
Ceramic Base
Gold pins on bottom
Wt: approx 1 1/5 pounds
If you know more about this chip, we would like to hear from you.
Lots more coming soon.
Check back often.

Double Loop Edison Light Bulb

Here are some Photos of an original Edison double loop light bulb.
At 110 volts the filiment still gives off a warm glow
after all these Years.