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Friday 22 February 2019

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Lcd Display 16 x 4 Lines with Micro Bulk Lot Of 3
Zone: Heated Area
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Manufactured by: Unknown

LCD Display 16 by 4 Lines Brand New You will need to supply a 5V power supply Then you will be ready to launch into the world of LCD's. Hook it up to your serial port . The miniature screen is big enough to have a scrolling message run across it. It can be easily customized. New in original packing Looks Great. Unit does not have a back lite. Specs: 80C51 Microcontroller Built on board. 2 Lcd Displays Have 16 Characters & 2 lines Each. Each Lcd Display Is A DV-16210 Each Lcd Display is about 1 inch by 4 inch in size. Whole Assembly is About 4.75" wide by 3.5" Deep. It has 5 pin connector * Pin 1 : B+ 5v Pin2 : Serial Out * Pin3 : Serial In Pin4 : Ground Pin 5 : External Interrupt One of our buyers sent the following information. We found it helpful, perhaps you will, as well. The device needs a 7805 or equivalent voltage regulated power supply of 5v. The ground wire of a db9f needs to plug into the ground on the breadboard. The transmit line goes to pin 3 on the db9 (or you can use a active high ttl level serial signal from a 5v microcontroller on the same power supply). Start Hyperterm and set your com port to 4800 8 Odd parity and 1 stop bit Connect and you will start seeing your text on the top display. Send a ctrl/v (or a hex 16 with a micro or software) to switch to the bottom display. Hit ctrl/r (or hex 12) to switch back to the top display. Also applying 5v to pin 5 will put the device in test mode and you can see the firmware version and text on both. The default baud rate setting is 4800 8 o 1 but if you remove the solder from J3 then it is 4800 8N1 (then a basic stamp can run it) NEED TO PAUSE 100MS or longer AFTER THESE COMMANDS! '$12 goes to top display '$16 goes to bottom display '$17 throws 2 bytes away from the next text string?? '$19 the next byte is ??? like a t = omega?? '$11 then $0A blanks ?(disabled) top display '$11 then $01 = clear dosplay and goto home on top display '$11 then $04 = clear top and write backwards scrolling! '$11 then $07 = clear top and write backwards scrolling! '$11 then $0F = blinking cursor on top display $11 then $13 = top backspace cursor one space (leaves characters) need to do a $12 before writing over chars.... $11 then $1D = displays on top display "SPECIAL MESSAGE" whatever that means. $11 then &1f = shift top text one space to right $11 then $80 goes home, but does not clear. on top display '$15 then $0A blanks ?(disabled) bottom display Location H/office Actual weight 1lb picture p7198a,b

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