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HP Hewlett Packard JetDirect Print Server Software Installation Guide
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Manufactured by: Hewlett Packard


Hewlett Packard

JetDirect Print Serve
Software Installation Guide

This auction is for the Installation Guide only.

This guide explains how to install and use the software included
with the HP JetDirect

This is used.
There is a Dog Earred Corner on the Front Cover.
All Pages are intact.
Shows some wear, but is complete.

The HP JetDirect print server enables you to attach a printer
directly to your network at any location while providing
increased ease of use, network management, and printer I/O performance.

The guide assumes the following:
A good working knowledge of your network utilities.
A correct network software
A fully operational system
Access to the supervisor account as a network administrator,
or access to an account that has a supervisor and print server privileges.

Novell NetWare
Apple EtherTalk and LocalTalk
IBM OS/2 LAN Server
Microsoft LAN Manager on OS/2
Microsoft Windows 95
Microsoft Windows for Work Groups
Microsoft Windows NT
Unix (HP-UX, SunOS, Solaris)

End users may view the printer status in
IBM OS/2 Lan Server
and other supported Networks.

HP JetDirect supports SNMP Protocol

When using the HP JetDirect Print Server
your printer appears as an intelligent, manageable node on the network
and is accessible through various diagnotic utilities.

The Print Server can also collect network statistics and error messages to aid in trouble shooting.

This auction is for the Software Installation Guide.
Not the Print Server.
But if you are have a used system, and the software, this
guide will let you make the most of it.

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