Monday 11 December 2017

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Contempory Controls PCA66-FOG-SMA Arnet Fiber Optic
Zone: S110D10
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Manufactured by: Contemporary Controls

Brand new, Just Perfect Contempory Controls PCA FOG SMA Arcnet Fiber Optic Control Interface Module The PCA 66 Series Connects ISA Compatible Computers with the ARCNET LAN Features Utilizes 16 Bit COM90C66 Arcnet Controller Chip Inerfaces Arcnet with AT ISA Bus Computers Zero Wait State Arbritration Typical COM90C26/90C65 Software Compliant Command Chaining for Enhanced Performance Supports Coaxial, Fiber Optic, and Twisted Pair Cabling Supports Memory Mapped or I/O Mapped Ram Buffer Suitable for Mod Hub and A1 Series Active Hubs CMOS Design for Low Power Consumption Does not Include any Software or Accessories Location Binsys H7 Actual weight 0.25 lb picture p8388a

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